Venzon and Del Fierro Family... Let Our Legacy Continue.....

Venzon and Del Fierro Family...Let Our Legacy Continue.....

List of Zambales Governors


Hon. Manuel de Orendin (1802)
Hon. Miguel del Fierro (1809)
Hon. Prudencio Perez de Menor (1842)
Hon. Jose M. Rodriguez (1846)
Hon. Jose Sanchez (1848)
Hon. Hipolito Fortacion (1852)
Hon. Laureano de Caray (1869)
Hon. Vicente Camara (Revolutionary Government of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo) (1897-1899)


Hon. Potenciano Lesaca (Ist Civil Governor) (1901-1903)
Hon. Juan Manday (Acting) (1903-1904)
Hon. Gabriel Alba (Acting) (1904)
Hon. Juan Lesaca (1910-1916)
Hon. Lauro Al Barretto (1916-1918)
Hon. Cleto Arnedo ((Acting) (1918-1919)
Hon. Benedicto T. Esguerra (1919-1922)
Hon. Ramon Garcia (1922-1925)
Hon. Francisco Dantes (1925-1931)
Hon. Agustin N. Medina (1931-1934)
Hon. Bernardo Farrales (Commonwealth) (1934-1940)
Hon. Francisco Anonas (1940-1941)


Hon. Francisco Dantes (1942-143) (3-29-42 to 3-30-43)
Hon. Jose V. Corpuz (1944-1945) (1-1-44 to 1-31-45)


Hon. Ramon Magsaysay (Mil. Governor) (1945) (2-1-45 to 3-6-45)
Hon. Francisco A. Anonas (Resumed) (1945-1947) (3-7-45 to 12-31-47)
Hon. Guillermo delos Reyes (1948-1951)
Hon. Archimedes Villanueva (1952-1955)
Hon. Manuel D. Barretto (1956-1967)
Hon. Vicente P. Magsaysay (1968-1978)
Hon. Jacobo F. Battad (Acting) (1978)
Hon. Vicente P. Magsaysay (1978-1986)
Hon. Amor D. Deloso (Officer-in-charge) (4-14-86 to 11-30-87)
Hon. Luperio F. Villanueva (12-1-87 to 2-1-88)
Hon. Amor D. Deloso (2-2-88 to 3-4-98)
Hon. Saturnino V. Bactad (3-5-98 to 6-30-98)
Hon. Vicente P. Magsaysay (7-1-98 to 6-30-07)
Atty. Amor D. Deloso (7-1-07 to Present)

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Garganta Inflamada said: (from The Elegance of Old Spanish Manila)

July 17, 2008 at 5:01 pm


Some others with French connections: Bayot, Bonnevie, Gaston, Kahn, Lhuillier, Maihler, Pellicer?

What about those with an Italian connection? Aldanese, Ansaldo?, Borromeo, Guidotti, Lammoglia.

German-mestizo families: Gaskell, Hagedorn, Huenefeld, Muhlach, Schneider, Whittaker, (of course, Zobel, originally).

More from the Manila/San Juan area: Aenlle; Asensio; Campos; Campos-Rueda; Eloriaga; Felix; various Delgados, Garcias, Fernandezes, Gonzalezes, Rodrguezes; Goitia, Marquez, Melendrez, Munoz, Papa, Quemuel, Salcedo, Santos (Gatas), Serrano, Silos, Vaca.

Two from Zambales: del Fierro and Manjarres.

Used to have 2 classmates in high school — and now that I look back on it; the definitely looked very Iberian: an Ibarra and a Liquete. As a matter of fact, the Liquete guy was almost green-eyed. There was also a very good-looking Herrera boy (who passed away 2 years ago) from Manila/QC vs. certain Herreras from Cebu who really aren’t Spanish but are Chinese and just took on a Hispanic-sounding name.

How about Bitanga, Braganza, Llorza, Rialp, Sabido?

Also, many family names seem to have died out. Like you no longer hear of a male Arrastia line.

Others will come to me later.


 (From: MyFamily.Com  and email)


Hi Ray,
We've not met but I'm downstream on the Del Fierro and Magsaysay tree. First of all, let me thank you for the outstanding work you've done in researching and compiling the Del Fierro tree. I've referred to it often against my own hand drawn trees inherited from my mother who traces her lineage to the Vicente Ferriols-Lucia Ferriols union in 1848.
By the way, before he passed away in 1822, I believe Don Fernando bore a son Manuel del Fierro who was the youngest brother of the Lucia, Isabel, and Margarita. I don't much more about him except Isabel and him succumbed a week apart in 1860 from what was probably typhoid fever.
I'm curious to find out if the Don Jesus del Fierro Magsaysay under which the origins of the Del Fierro surname and tree is laid out is none other than my uncle, the son of Exequiel and Perfect Magsaysay. We are in the process of expanding an online Magsaysay tree and it would be good for us to know that Tito Jesus did extensive work on our family history if tht is indeed him that your website refers to. As you might know, his son Vic was also governor of Zambales as was Don Fernando (although he went by his middle name Miguel which is how he is listed as the second governor of Zambales) and I'm sure he would be interested in fleshing out that part of our history as well and might have access to provincial records to research this early part of our history.
I also recall as a youth in Manila, we used to go to Baguio during Holy Week and at one time my mom took us to visit a cousin, a Colonel Misa who was commandant at the Baguio Military Institute. He had several children and I seem to call one of them was a girl whose name was Jojo. Would you happen to be related to him?
Perhaps when you find the time, you can email me back and we can share some info.
Ori Magsaysay Pleno
hmp >> ramona corpus magsaysy >> amalia ferriols corpus >> ramona del fierro ferriols >> lucia del fierro >> miguel fernando del fierrio


Vic Del Fierro - Apr 7, 2007   Viewers

  this is very accurate Sal. I will try to visit   Castillejos this summer and verify the landmark   of tombstone   in the   altar of the Catholic Church as mentioned in your research..      

Fe Albano - Jan 10, 2008   Viewers

  Wow! Thank you, Raymund, for sharing this precious information with us. We appreciate your interest and hard work in compiling this beautiful write-up of the Del Fierro clan. I am still trying to understand where our great grandfather, Don Miguel del Fierro, comes into the picture.


Fae del Fierro-Albano     

Lani Del Fierro - Jan 11, 2008   Viewers  

   hi! this is very grandfather, Sebastian del Fierro, was born on November 6, 1917 and is already 90 years old and living with my other aunts and uncles. Him and my grandmother, Dominica, had 9 children (10, actually but the youngest died when she was 4 years old). Yes, they are from Zambalez, although i cant seem to find his profile in this write-up.    

Lito Mercado - Feb 14, 2007   Viewers

   who has since died ? The Gloria Magasaysay Del Fierro I know is my cousin the daughter of Eugenio del Fierro and Carmen Magsaysay (their eldest daughter and living in Melbourne Australia)


Gloria Del Fierro - Feb 15, 2007   Viewers

    Hi Sal,
I hope posting the entire transcript would be useful to readers; as there are obvious gaps and requires editing. But my hope and intention is for people to just fill in the gaps.
Hi Lito, You are right it is Goya here and I am very much alive! It almost reads otherwise. The footnote actually refers to Sor Peregrina (aka lola Inez); as I wrote this manuscript for my PI 100 class in 1973!. As a way to contribute to the reunion I forwarded this to Sal. I was hoping to attend but now realise I am unable to so this is my share in absentia.   In fact Tita Rose your mum has a copy of this. It remains unedited and open to improvement. Hope this clarifies things


Binky San Juan - Feb 16, 2007   Viewers     Feb. 16, 2007
Thanks for the posting and the explanation of when you wrote it.   I (along with Titas Rowie, Cris, and Cymbie and Tito Piciong) interviewed Pedro Garcia for the family tree info we used for the 1st Reunion's Program (in San Francisco) and the info you supplied will be added, somehow.   Have you ever traced the lineage of President Magsaysay's mother?   I got some info from the Magsaysay clan but not the specific info about the ex-president's mom, i.e. she was a del Fierro but   who were her siblings, her parents, etc.
P.S. Lito, I also read your post.   I hope your Mom is feeling better.     

 Gloria Del Fierro - Feb 16, 2007   Viewers

    Hi Binky
This is great to hear from all the relatives! The original manuscript I made was mostly based on the Magsaysay side. "Ramon Magsaysay’s great grandfather war Gregorio Magsaysay, born of a Chinese father and a Tagalog mother.   Gregorio’s family lived in San Pedro, Makati.   He married his hometown sweetheart, named Gregoria Francisco, and became the father of a girl and four boys, namely Exequiel (Ramon Magsaysay's dad), Ambrosio, Carmen (died as a baby says my Mum, whom she was named after) Vicente, Aurea & Calixto (this is my Mum's Dad)
Exequiel fell in love with Perfecta, a pretty mestiza of the prominent Del Fierro Family of Castillejos.   They fist met at a dance in San Marcelino while she was visiting with her relatives. I just traced it leading up to Ramon. If you would like a copy which I also left with Tita Rose I am happy to email it to you. Pls let me know directly. It was just by chance I revisited this site.

Cheers, Goya    


Gloria Del Fierro - Feb 17, 2007   Viewers


    Hi again Binky
Corrections please. I went back to my notes and interviewed my Mum. It appears Gregorio Magsaysay married a Gregoria Francisco.   They had 1-Victorina 2-Mauricio ("Lolo Mingoy" RM's and my Mum's lolo) 3-Luis 4-Nonong and 5-Felix (became Gov of San Antonio Zambales. Then Mauricio married Amrosia de los Santos, a mestiza widow with two kids, Eulogio Rodriguez and Juan Rodriguez (became Gov of San Marcelino, Zambales). So my lolo grew up with the half brothers in addition to their 6 children: 1-Ezequiel (RM's Dad who married Pefecta del Fierro) 2-Carmen grew up and married but died in a boating accident along with her husband and brother Vicente (my apologies for previous wrong info; I was going by memory of what I had heard growing up) 3-Vicente also died in boating accident; bachelor no kids 4-Aurea also single no kids 5-Ambrosio -11 years younger than Ezequiel he went to Ateneo, Iowa and Cornell Univ 6-Calixto the youngest is my Mum's Dad. But because Lolon Mingoy was very strict (not to mention his gambling and other vices!) the family grew up very close.
Perfecta del Fierro ("Cha Pitang") was born in 1887 (older than our own Lolo Vito born in 1895). She was 17 when she married Exequiel who was about 30 yrs old. Her mother was Maria del Fierro who owned the town of Baring in Castillejos but don't know who her father was. Her siblings were nuns- Sor Aurelia, Sor Milagros, a brother Salvador-but this is all sketchy.
My lola Blanca Posadas and Cha Pitalng were cousins on the del Fierro side. But by marriage to Magsaysays somehow ended up in the same family. I went back to my original notes literally yellow with age and it is atrocious, just bits here and bits there. I submitted original and did not leave a copy for myself but I recall doing the family tree of del Fierros and Magsaysays.   Good luck and have fun putting all pieces together


Vic Del Fierro - Apr 6, 2007   Viewers

    HI Goya,
I have read during the Good Friday meditation   the long genealogy of the Del Fierro clan   dating back to Don Fernando del Fierro who was a Spanish aristocrat and head of a naval fleet during the Spanish times, who be came head govrnor general of Zambales. Can we trace   Don Fernando del Fierro lineage   in Galicia, Spain.  
They might be Portuguese in origin since, at that time the   expedition to the New World was done   in honor of Queen Isabela who provided the funding to most   of the Galleon trade expeditions. Now   my knowledge is complete.
Ronnie Alejandro, the gourmet and coffee book table writer of   Greenwich Village first showed this to me in 1993 in Manhattan. Ronie is related to the del Fierro too.   But this   contribution is very thorough. The most common names   in the clan are Fernando, Vicente, Manuel, MIguel etc.
It seems the history of   five generations is cyclically perpetuated through the names and siblings of   subsequent Del Fierro generations.I had with me a coat of arms   reportedly from the Del Fierro lineage.It was cerified by the Institute of Heraldry of Massachusetts. It original came   from Sor Aurelia. Once again thank you. Sal   kept   this   cyber forum of the Del Fierro clan intact. I remember giving the lead   to him

Gloria Del Fierro - Apr 8, 2007   Viewers

Hi Vic,
As I wrote Sal earlier, this document on the Del Fierro origin was written as a UP freshman in 1974 for my PI 100 class. Despite submitting it as an incomplete project, I managed to pass, possibly for effort in research and collating random bits of information. It is gratifying to see it come to good use for our family reunion, many years later. I am very pleased to get the ball rolling, so to speak as I had with me some useful information. I will not take all the credit for its thoroughness, as you say. I owe my sources of information to first hand interviews with Caesar Miraflor, many lolos and lolas and various trips to Zambales back then. With regard to tracing the del Fierro origins from Betanzo, my dad Eugene visited Spain in the '70's. Any illusions of nobility were dispelled; nowadays it is a common surname in the region it appears. Possible Portugese origins could be explored? Out of interest does Sor Aurelia still have the coat of arms? Upon mentioning her name, my mother Carmen wishes to extend her warmest regards, please pass this on. Thank you for your comments I am humbled and glad I could pitch in for the reunion.


Vic Del Fierro - Apr 10, 2007   Viewers
I was wondering what class required you to do a tremendous backtracking of our origin, five generations deep. Would you in your notes the possible years Don Fernando del Fierro was commodor of the Spanish Naval   armada. I faintly detect   repeats of career in some generations. Must be the influence in the life of previous del Fierro in a dhosen field. This tracing back   puts your efforts in th league of a Dan Brown (The Da VInci Code). You deserved to be given recognition. Its nearly an impossible   herculean job.   Are you still activd Goya? What was your profesion before?  

Elmer Del Fierro - Jan 17, 2008   Viewers
    Hi Everyone,
This is Elmer del Fierro from Zamboanga City, son of ANDRES DEL FIERRO, Jr - I have a little info growing up about our family origin but what I remembered is that my great grandfather's name is ANTONIO DEL FIERRO.   He stayed away from his family in Zambales and moved down to the South (Zamboanga City) and never went back till he passed away. Hope we can trace back our roots. In my travel, I met some of the del Fierro's from Cagayan, Davao and Cebu. Hope I'll have the opportunity to meet the rest of the del Fierro's family in the near future.

Gigi Garcia - Jan 18, 2008   Viewers

    Porfirio married Florencia Castillo and had 1 son Gaudioso. Gaudioso married Josephine Alcober of Bauan, La Union and they had 7 children. (1) Gaudioso Ramon III, married Zenaida Lapitan of Tagudin Ilocos. They have 1 child Arabella Florence Renee (2) Gaudioso Jorge IV had two wives Imelda Samson of La Loma Quezon City. They had 2 children Ernesto Paolo & Patric Americ Jovy. The second wife is Reina Bautista of Malabon. They have three children Reeca, Reily & another baby girl (3) Mariquita married Virgilio Pantaleon of San Juan and had one child Patricia Janelle (4) Mariko who is still single (5) Gaudioso Porfirio V married Lalaine Cartago of Subic, Olongapo and had three children Josephina Belen, Ysabel Maria and Andrea (6) Gaudioso Carlos VI who is still single and (7) Gaudioso Maria Lorenzo VII still single

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