Venzon and Del Fierro Family... Let Our Legacy Continue.....

Venzon and Del Fierro Family...Let Our Legacy Continue.....

Origin of the del Fierro Surname

from Don Jesus del Fierro Magsaysay

During the Spanish regime, there was one chief executive (alcalde mayor) of the province of Zambales, whose name was Don Fernando (Miguel)  del Fierro. At that time, an alcalde mayor exercised the powers of a provincial governor and a judge of the Court of First Instance. He held sway over all inhabitants of the province. Don Fernando del Fierro held the rank of captain in the Royal Spanish Navy. He descended from the Spanish nobility and because of his high birth, he became an “Alcalde Mayor in the Philippines. He died in Yba, the capital of the province of Zambales. His bones were interred near main altar of the church of Yba, and his grave is now marked by a grave stone on the church floor. He was a native of the province of Galicia in Spain where today many inhabitants bear the surname “del Fierro”. It seems that he came from the town of Betanzo, province of Galicia, Spain. He also served as “Alcalde Mayor” in other provinces of the Philippines, one of which was in Samar.

Directly descended from Don Fernando del Fierro, were three sisters named Ysabel, Lucia, and Margarita, all surnamed “del Fierro:.

The eldest daughter Ysabel married Don Pedro Garcia of Cawit, Cavite. Both spouses died in San Antonio, Zambales. The spouses begot three children – two boys and a daughter. The sons were Jorge Garcia del Fierro and Esteban Garcia del Fierro, while the daughter was Mariquita Garcia del Fierro.

The second daughter, married a Spaniard by the name of Don Vicente Ferriols of Valencia, Spain. They begot four children namely: Jose (Pepe), Vicente (Totoy), Ramona and Lucia (Chata).

The third daughter, Mariquita del Fierro, had two children, who were Serafin and Manuel who died when still unmarried.

The del Fierro clan practiced the custom of aristocratic houses in Spain of having an acknowledged head (patriarchs or matriarchs), whose mandates; the members were duty bound to obey. When Mariquita del Fierro became the family matriarch, she ordered that descendents should always use the family surname of del Fierro so that they would always recognize each other as descendents from the same ancestor. Many of them, in obedience to the said matriarchal mandate, still bear the del Fierro surname. We, brothers and sisters, have known Lola Mariquita del Fierro, who lived in Baring, a barrio of Castillejos, in the province of Zambales.

It appears that Don Fernando del Fierro had other children by other women, although this is not clear to me. It came to our knowledge that the branch of the family of Don Fernando del Fierro in Samar bears the surname, Cinco. In Castillejos, Zambales, we have a cousin who came from Samar, whose name is Luciano Cinco.

Jorge Garcia del Fierro, married four wives, namely: Maria Rosario Venzon Juco, Simplicia Posadas Reyes, Tomasa Pantonilla Otivar and Lucrecia Abuyan.

Jorge Garcia del Fierro and Maria Rosario Venzon Juco had ten children, who were 1)Ysabel, 2)Columba, 3)Constantino, 4)__________, 5)Ciriaca, 6)Gaudencia, 7)Mena Ernestina, 8)Agripino, 9)Guillerma, who died in the College of Santa Catalina when she was still a young child, and 10)Gaudioso.

Jorge Garcia del Fierro and Simplicia Posadas Reyes, had a child who lived only a few days.

Jorge Garcia del Fierro and Tomasa Pantonilla Otivar, who was a native of Guinobatan, Albay, had seven children namely: 1)Pio, 2)Jorge Anastacio, 3)Baltazar, 4)Dolores Anima, 5)Silvino, 6)Jose who is in America, and 7)Eutiquiano.

Jorge Garcia del Fierro and Lucrecia Abuyan begot two children named Juana and Dionisio.

Jorge Garcia del Fierro also had a daughter with one by the name of Andrea and that daughter was named Valeriana Garcia who lived in Yba, Zambales.

Esteban Garcia del Fierro, brother of Jorge, had two wives, the first was Rosenda del Fierro and the second was Eutiquia Avera. Esteban Garcia del Fierro died on November 30, 1917 and he was buried in San Antonio, Zambales.

With Rosenda del Fierro, they had four children named: Primitivo, Mariano, Sebastian and Paula who married to Don Cipriano Corcuera.

With Eutiquia Avera, second wife, they had three children named: Alfredo, Cresencio and Gabriel. Eutiquia Avera died on March 19, 1925 in San Antonio.

Don Primitivo Garcia del Fierro, son of Don Esteban Garcia del Fierro died while single in San Antonio, Zambales.

Don Marino Garcia del Fierro, second child of Don Esteban married three times. First to Trinidad del Fierro who died after one month; second to Magdalena Salazar and third to Asuncion Solinap. Don Marino died on September 6, 1931 and his remain were interred in San Antonio, Zambales.

Don Marino and Magdalena Salazar had six children named: Leovigildo, Enrique, Manuel, Juan, Antonio, and Rosenda. Leovigildo, Manuel and Juan died when they were still bachelors.

Enrique Garcia del Fierro, second child of Don Marino finished the radio operator’s course and became a lieutenant in the army during the Second World War. He married Rosalia Arlantico of San Antonio, Zambales. Their children are Marino and Manuel.

Antonio Garcia del Fierro, fifth child of Don Marino obtained the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC), became a Certified Public Accountant, and served in the Army. He married a school teacher from San Felipe, Zambales by the name of Prescilla Guerrero. Their children were named Magdalena, Antonio, Jr., Orlando, Ysabel and Patricia.

Rosenda Garcia del Fierro, sixth child of Don Marino is still single, earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) and she is teaching in La Consalacion College of Bacolod, Negros Occidental.

Don Marino and third wife, Asuncion Solinap, had three children, namely: Santaigo who died as a child on January 30, 1928, Carlos and Turiano. Asuncion Solinap died on September 15, 1927 and she was buried in San Antonio, Zambales.

Carlos Garcia del Fierro, second child of Don Marino with his third wife is still single, and he is pursuing the courses as radio operator and radio technician. He holds the rank of Technical Sergeant in the Army and he served during the Second World War. He is residing in his brother’s home in San Franscico, Quezon City.

Turiano Garcia del Fierro, third child of Don Marino by his third wife is still bachelor and he is studying for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC). Like his other brothers, he joined the army during World War II where he reached the rank of sergeant. He lives with his brothers in San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City.

Don Sebastian Garcia del Fierro, third child of Don Esteban, married Carmen Magsaysay of San Marcelino, Zambales. Their children were named Jose and Cesar. Don Sebastian also had a son Leopold Garcia by other woman. Don Sebastian Garcia del Fierro died in San Antonio, Zambales.

Jose Garcia del Fierro married Adeline Arlantico of San Antonio, Zambales. They had children named Ruben, Norma (who did at the age of one), Armenia, Delia, Josefina, and Florin-

Cesar Garcia del Fierro, second child of Don Sebastian married Josefina Posadas of San Narcissi, Zambales. They begot children by the name of Esteban, Maurine, Victor and Tersest.

Leopold Garcia del Fierro, child of Don Sebastian by another woman, married Marceline (whose surname escape me) from Aluminous, Parnassian. They had two children, one female and one male, whose whereabouts and other personal circumstances are unknown to us. Leopoldo Garcia del Fierro died in 1939 and he was interred in Manila North Cemetery.

Dona Paula Garcia del Fierro, fourth child of Don Sebastian Garcia del Fierro, married Don Cipriano Corcuera. They begot Marciana who married Juan Santos. Marciana’s children are Vicitacion, Josefina, Athene and Filipinas.

Alfredo Garcia, who was Don Esteban Garcia del Fierro’s son by his second wife, Eutiquia Avera, married one from San Antonio, Zambales named Juanita Castillo. We do not know how many children did they have. They are residing here in Manila.

Gabriel Garcia del Fierro, child of Don Esteban Garcia del Fierro and Eutiquia Avera, married one named Echay whose surname we do not know. She is from Malolos, Bulacan. Neither do we know their children. They reside in Manila. Gabriel Garcia del Fierro died in 1948 and his body was buried in La Loma Cemetery here in Manila.

Mariquita Garcia del Fierro, sister of Jorge and Esteban, married Antonio Venzon Juco, brother of Maria Rosario Venzon Juco, wife of Jorge Garcia del Fierro.

Mariquita Garcia del Fierro had children, namely: Nonay (wife of Juan Garcia), Candoy, Jose (Pepe), Sabina (wife of Santiago), Teresa (wife of Juan) and Angeles (Quintos). They bear the surname Venzon Garcia.

I am of the impression that the book which contains a genealogy of the del Fierro family, is in Castillejos, Zambales. She was the last matriarch of the family. She had been corresponding with the Spanish (peninsular) branch of the del Fierro family, and she became acquainted with them. It is true that Jorge Garcia del Fierro also had a book of genealogy but it could not be loctated anymore. If it is not in the custody of the descendants of Pio Garcia del Fierro Pontanilla, it is with descendants of Gaudioso Garcia del Fierro or it may have been lost during the Revolution or during war.

Profirio C. Garcia, endeavor to locate that genealogy. I'm leaving this quest to you because you are now of major age, mine, with stable job, a responsible character and disposition. Make a list/family tree or our family, even starting only from us who are children of Jorge Garcia del Fierro , so that you who are relatives may know each other at all times. My stay in Manila, far from Zambales, has disrupted my information regarding our family. These data were gathered from different notes in my memorandum. If your sister, Mariquita, wishes to, she may copy from these data, because I think that they are the only ones which you may use as spring board or jump off pint in making further researches into our family tree. Meanwhile, I shall continue to gather pertinent information and from time to time send you whatever I can find in order to help you in this work.