Venzon and Del Fierro Family... Let Our Legacy Continue.....

Venzon and Del Fierro Family...Let Our Legacy Continue.....

Origin of the Venzon Surname

from Don Jesus del Fierro Magsaysay

The Venzon surname originated from Vigan, Ylocos Sur and spread to Pangasinan, Zambales up to Pampanga. Three brothers from Vigan, Ylocos Sur bore this surname. One of the three, Marcelino Venzon, was the owner of a Punting (a sailboat without motor) which he inherited from his parents who were neither rich nor poor but middle class. He was the youngest of the three brothers and because he was cheated by his older brothers in the partition of their inheritance, he left Vigan to seek greener pastured in other lands. He devoted his time to trading with the use of his inherited sailboat. He would barter cloth woven in the Ilocos with palay in Pangasinan and Zambales. During those days, moro pirates were very active in the high seas. One time, when Marcelino Venzon was on his sailboat which was loaded with merchandise, the moro pirates gave chase. He landed his boat in the shore of Panibuatan, Yba and fled inland. A moro pirate ran after him but when they were far from the rest of the pirates, he faced the pirate in combat. He was able to kill his aggressor. In revenge, the pirates scuttled the sailboat. With his boat gone, he thought of engaging in agriculture. He hired himself as harvest hand, land lessee and share cropper so that he might live in the land where he was stranded. The friends which he made when he was in commerce helped him adjust to his new life in the new land.

I did not personally see his wife, but he left a widow and children when he died at the age of a little less than one hundred years, in the town of Yba, Zambales, at the house of Jorge Garcia del Fierro who was his son-in-law. The children of Marcelino Venzon were Mariano, Hilarion, Paulino, Antonio, Maria Rosario (wife of Jorge Garcia del Fierro) and Jacinto.

Because of industry, perseverance and economy, Marcelino Venzon saved money to enable to buy lands and animals. He also cleared forest land to convert the same for agricultural purposes. After he had accumulated these properties, he was appointed Cabesa de Barangay, thus making him one among the prominent citizens of the town. It is said that when the town of San Felipe was established, Marcelino Venzon was one of the founders. His children, Mariano, Hilarion and Antonio became Capitanes (now alcaldes or mayors) of the town. Paulino became Cabesa de Barangay. Jacinto was the only one who was not a town official because he did not want to. All the children became rich and respectable residents of their town.

The Venzon surname spread in Pangasinan, Zambales and Pampanga. In Vigan, Ylocos Sur, Venzon is written as Benson; in Pangasinan it is Bengson and in Zambales, it is Venzon.

Mariano Venzon, married two times. Of the first wife, I came to know Domingo, Marciano and Agustin as his children. Of the second wife, he begot one daughter named Cerelena Salazar Venzon who married Gabriel Trinidad del Fierro of Yba, Zambales. He was nicknamed Gabing or Biling.  Cerelena begot 5 children:

  • Vevincio(Jan. 13, 1895) married to Florentina Cinco Mojica(Mar 14, 1903).  They begot 11 children: Remedios, Benjamin, Ernesto, Ricardo, Rodolfo, Villorita, Milagros, Edeser, Amador, Alegria and Erlinda.
  • Leopoldo (Jan 5, 1898)married to Clara Tamoria. They begot 8 children: Joaquina, Armando, Conrado, Melba, Eleonor, Rogelio, Renato and Diana
  • Federico married to Mary Louise VanHulle. They begot 2 children: Linda Franz and Federico Alberto  Jr.
  •      * Linda Venzon Franz married to Dennis Franz. Her children are:

             Dennis Reed (his children are Brandi and Spencer Reed and Kadyn McSwain)

             Stacy Svaleson (her children are Donovan and Turea Venner)

  •       *Federico Alberto's children are:

             Vicki Venzon (her children are Donavan Venzon and Bryce Crowe)

              Charmie Venzon (he has six children)


  • Alberto ( surname Lozado and live in Candelaria, Zambales)
  • Magdalena  married  to Leoncio Ramos. They begot 2 children: Benjamin and Juanita Ramos. 

Hilarion's daughters were Patricia (Tricia) and Emiteria (Miti). Patricia married Don Juan Mandaz Gabriel who was a governor of Zambales. Emiteria married Don Manuel Reynoso of Cavite.

Paulino's children were Ynocencio and Paula.

Maria Rosario became the wife of Jorge Garcia del Fierro.

Jacinto married twice but I do not know the names of his children.

Antonio Venzon married Mariquita del Fierro and their children were already mentioned above. Antonio Venzon had a daughter who was married to a lawyer from Pampanga but I have forgotten their names. I know that they had children and one of their children-in-laws was Aurelio Tolentino.

The Venzon family has several branches like the del Fierro, but I do not know nor can relate the details. The same is true with the Garcia which has spread all over Zambales, all of them related by blood.

The Garcia surname was at first de los Santos which originated from Cavite. During the Spanish regime, the government ordered that surnames which were those of saints should be changed and that inhabitants should choose from a list of surnames given by the authorities. That is why most of the surnames in one municipality begin with one letter. Our ancestors chose to use the surname of Garcia.

In the province of Cavite, Bulacan, Mindoro, Maynila, Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija and in the Visayas, we can find relatives.

The Children of Ysabel Garcia del Fierro

  •  Ysabel Garcia del Fierro married Don Vicente Camara y Marino, son of Don Nicolas Camara, They are from Taal, Batangas. Ysabel and Don Vicente had only one child, named Alejandro Camara y Garcia. He lives in Yba, Zambales, and I heard that he married one from Bulacan.
  •  The children of Columba Garcia del Fierro Venzon are Jose, Roman, Julita and Cecilia. The husband of Columba is Gregorio Asuncion, from Marikina, Rizal (now Metro Manila).
  • Constantino Garcia del Fierro Venzon married Tomasa Marcelo of Cavite and they begot a son named Ramon, who became Provincial Governor and Mariquita who married one from Batangas.
  •  Honorato Garcia del Fierro Venzon begot children named: Vicente, Antonio, who bears the surname of Castillo, Esteban, Jorge, Flaviana and another daughter whose name eludes my memory. He also had a daughter by another woman from San Narciso, Zambales. That married a Captain of the Constabulary surnamed Barretto. He also had a daughter by a woman from Marikina whose surnamed was Asuncion. She is related to the Venzons. She has a daughter named Demetria.
  •  Ciriaca Garcia del Fierro Venzon, married Victorio Posadas Reyes, who is a brother of Simplicia Posadas Reyes, second wife of Jorge Garcia del Fierro. The children of Ciriaca are Victorio , Jr., Ynes who is now an assumption nun bearing the name Sor Peregrina, Pepita, Blanca, Teresa, Antonio, Conrado and possibly Leopoldo.On the other hand, this Leopoldo could be a son of Juan Posadas Sr. (brother of Victorio) by his wife Chata Fortin Pablo. This should be verified from Blanca Posadas.
  •  Gaudencia Garcia del Fierro married Rafael Evangelista from Ylocos Norte. I learned that they had a daughter named Elisa who married a lawyer from Negros whose surname is Crame, and another daughter Gaudencia.
  •  Mena Ernestina Garcia del Fierro Venzon married a lawyer from Tagbilaran, Bohol named Francisco Capacciolo Largo. Their children are Vicente, a lawyer, Felipe, Mercedes, Salud and another who died during infancy.
  •  Agripino Garcia delFierro Venzon, as his third wife, married Estella Orcelado from Guinobatan, Albay, begot one child named Agripino Jorge.
  •  Guillerma Garcia del Fierro died while still a child, in the college of Santa Catalina of Manila of small pox.
  •  Gaudencio Garcia del Fierro Venzon, married two times. In the first marriage he married Agustina Ordiales of Guinobatan, Albay, and they had one daughter named Mariquita. In the second marriage, to Maxima Corpuz of San Marcelino, Zambales. He had children named Porfirio, Adolfo, Orcino, and Melchor. Porfirio, take over from here.