Venzon and Del Fierro Family... Let Our Legacy Continue.....

Venzon and Del Fierro Family...Let Our Legacy Continue.....

Ramon Magsaysay Lineage

Ramon Del Fierro Magsaysay Lineage


             Don Fernando ( Miguel) Del Fierro - (Sebastiana de lor Reyes )


Ysabel   Lucia   Margarita   ---- ( Serafin Del Fierro  - Catbalogon, Samar)


Gregorio Magsaysay - Paulina Toliedo   (Makati)   «»  Juan Del Fierro -

                                                                                      Maria Quimzon -Mariquita (Cavite)


 Exequiel Magsaysay - Perfecta Del Fierro



Jesus     Ramon    Jose    Genaro    Mercedes(Diaz)   Conchita (Labrador)   Luisa (Corpus) Soledad (Cabrera)




RM's great-grandparents were not Ilocanos, however. On his father's side, his great-grandmother, Paulina Toleido (she was blonde with blue eyes) was a peninsular Castilian who lived in Makati, Rizal. Her husband, Gregorio Magsaysay, an educated man, worked as a clerk in an early American firm, Smith, Bell, & Co. One of their sons became the father of Exequiel, Ramon's father.

**    On his mother's side, the del Fierro families were mestizos, an admixture of Spanish and native, from Catbalogan, Samar. The Moro pirate attacks, during the early part of the nineteenth century, drove the del Fierro family northward where they settled in Zambales. The Spanish mestizo, Juan del Fierro and Maria Quimzon of Cavite became the parents of Perfecta, the mother of Ramon. (RM: A Biographical Novel of Ramon Magsaysay
By: Allyn C. Ryan)

*** Exequiel and Perfecta also lived in Sta. Maria and Baring, Castillejos, Zambales.

****Perfecta's siblings: Salvador, Aurea and Milagros


Ray, that lineage for President Ramon Magsaysay in this website is as noted based on a novel and fictional. The lineage on the Magsaysay side is Gregorio>>Domingo>>Exequiel>>President Monching (my second uncle). On the del Fierro side, it should be Fernando>>Serafin>>??>>Juan Crisostomo>>Perfecta.


Ori Pleno

Marvin Garcia - Jun 21, 2008  
    Origin of the Del Fierro Family
By Gloria Magsaysay del Fierro

During the time of Spanish rule in the Philippines, there lived in the Province of Zambales a certain Alcalde Mayor answering to the name of Don Fernando del Fierro. In those days, the mayor simultaneously held the position of mayor, provincial governor ad judge (Jues de Primera Instancia) of the province, thus having monopoly of the entire area.   It is said that Don Fernando del Fierro belonged to an aristocratic family in Spain.   This, plus the fact that he was Naval Captain of the Spanish fleet, he became mayor of Zambales.   He was a native of Galicia, Spain; presently the surname del Fierro is still prevalent there.   It is said that he is from the town of Betanzo in Galicia, Spain.   He was Mayor not only of Zambales but sources reveal that he governed other provinces as well, including Samar. He later died at Iba, the capital of the province of Zambales and was buried at the Catholic Church there.   His remains were placed near the altar with “Lapida” level of the floor.

Don Fernando del Fierro’s direct line of relatives (Linea directa) include three daughters: 1-Ysabel, 2-Lucia and 3-Mariquita del Fierro.  

In the del Fierro Family, like those in Spain, there existed a patriarch system of family life, wherein all members of the family recognised the authority of one head or “jefe de familia”.   When the youngest of the daughters, Mariquita del Fierro became head, she ordered that the surname del Fierro remain in use by all descendants so as to familiarize themselves with each other.   So down through the generations, this name was used and is used up to the present.

I. The eldest daughter Ysabel married Don Pedro Garcia of Kawit, Cavite.   They were blessed with three (3) children.   The two boys were:1- Jorge Garica del Fierro and 2-Esteban Garcia del Fierro.   The only girl was Mariquita Garcia del Fierro.   Ysabel and her husband later died in San Antonio, Zambales.

II. The second daughter, Lucia del Fierro married another Spaniard, Don Vicente Ferriols of Valencia, Spain.   They had four (4) children: 1. Jose (Pepe), 2. Vicente (Totoy); 3. Ramona; 4. Lucia (Chata)

III. The third daughter Mariquita del Fierro had two (2) children, Serafin and Miguel.   There are no records as to whom she married.   Both of her sons died without marrying

It is said that aside from Don Fernando’s three legitimate children, he had others from another woman.   However there are not evidence to prove this.   Don Vicente also had other children in Samar but they adopted the surname Cinco of Castillejos, Zambales.   A distant relative, Luciano Cinco was traced from Samar.

Ysabel’s eldest son Jorge Garcia del Fierro had four (4) wives: Maria Rosario Venzon Juco, Simplicia Posadas Reyes, Tomasa Pontanilla Oliver and Lucrecia Abuyan.
I. Jorge Garcia del Fierro and Maria Venzon Juco had ten (10) children: 1-Ysabel, 2-Columba, 3-Constantino, 4-Honorato, 5-Ciriaca, 6-Gaudencia, 7-Mena Ernestina,8-Agripino, 9-Guillermina, who died at a very early age at Santa Catalina College in Manila and 10-Guadioso
II. With   his second wife Simplicia Posadas Reyes, he only had one child who died one day after it was born
III. This third wife Tomasa Pontanilla Oliver was from Guinobatan, Albay.   They had seven (7) children: 1-Pio, 2-Jorge Anastacio, 3-Baltazar, 4-Dolores Anima, 5-Silvino, 6-Jose and 7-Eutiquiano.
IV. With his fourth wife Lucrecia Abuyan he had two (2) children: 1-Juana, 2-Dionisio
V. Aside from this, he had a child from a woman named Andrea.   The child’s name was Valeriana Garcia who later lived in Iba, Zambales

Second son Esteban Garcia del Fierro, Jorge’s brother married a woman named Tia Teria (surname unknown).   With his first wife he had four (4) children: 1-Primitivo, 2-Marino, 3-Sebastian, 4-Paula, who married Don Cipriano Corcuera but were childless.   He had three children with Tia Teria: 1-Alfredo, 2-Cresncio, 3-Gabriel

Mariquita Garcia del Fierro, sister of Jorge and Esteban, married Antonio Venzon Juco, brother of Maria Rosario Venzon Juco (wife of Jorge Garcia del Fierro).   They had six (6) children: 1-Nonay wholater married Juan Garcia, 2-Candoy, 3-Jose (Pepe), 4- Sabina married Santiago, 5-Teresa married Juan, 6-Anteles (Quintos). They carried the name Venzon Garcia.

Jorge Garcia del Fierro’s daughter from first wife, Maria Venzon Juco- Ysabel Garcia del Fierro Venzon married Vicente Camara, son of Don Nicholas Camara of Taal, Batangas. Vicente and Ysabel had one child, Alejandro who lived in Iba, Zambales.

Columba Garcia del Fierro married Gregorio Asuncion of Mariquina, Rizal.   They had four (4) children: 1-Jose, 2-Roman, 3- Julita, 4- Cecilia

Constantino Garcia del Fierro married Tomasa Marcel of Cavite with whom he had two (2) children: 1-Ramon, later became Provincial Governor of Iba, Zambales and 2- Mariquita who later married one from Batangas.

Honorato Garcia del Fierro Venzon married Maxima Castillo of Iba, Zambales and had two (2) children; 1-Vicente and 2- Anotonio.   Their children broke the tradition of adding the maternal surname.   They dropped Garcia del Fierro from their name and used Castillo instead for their family name. Honorato married one from San Narciso, Zambales.   They had a daughter who married Lauro Barretto, who later became Provincial Governor of Zambales.   Honorato also had another wife from Mariquina, Rizal surnamed Asuncion, a relative of Gregorio Asuncion, Columba’ s husband. He had a child with her.   Honorato’s last wife was Tayang, a relative of the Venzons.   They had five (5) children: 1-Flaviana, 2-Esteban, 3-Demetrio, 4-Pilar and 5-Carmen.

Ciriaca Garcia del Fierro married Victorio Posadas Reyes, brother of Simplicia Posadas Reyes, second wife of Jorge Garcia del Fierro. They had nine (9) children: 1-Victorio, 2-Ynez, presently* a nun at La Consolation College, known as Sor Peregrina, 3- Pepita, 4-Blanca, the writer’s maternal grandmother, 5-Teresa 6-Antonio, 7-Conrado, 8-Amparo, and 9 Leopoldo

Gaudencia Garcia del Fierro Venzon married Rafael Evangelista from Ilocos Norte. Their children were 1-Elisa, 2-Eufemia, who married a certain lawyer from Negros with surname Crame; 3-Gaudencia and 4-Feliza (Pisay).

Mena Ernestina Garcia del Fierro Venzon marred Francisco Caracciolo Largo of Tagbilaran, Bohol.   Their five (5) children were : 1-Vicente,2-Francisco, 3-Felipe, 4- Mercedes and 5-Salud

Agripino Garcia del Fierro married three times.   His third wife Estrella Orcelada of Guinobatan, Albay bore him an only child, Agripino Jorge.

Guillerma Gardia del Fierro died at a very early age at Santa Catalina College due to chicken pox.

Gaudioso Garcia del Fierro Venzon married twice.   His first wife was Agustina Ordinales of Guinobatan, Albay, with whom he had a daughter, Mariquita.   His second wife, Maxima Corpuz of San Marcelino, Zambales bore him six (6) children: 1- Porifirio, 2-Zotico, 3-Nena, 4-Adolfo, 5-Urcisino, and 6-Melchor (on Jan. 6, 1921).

(Gaudioso Garcia del Fierro Venzon died from an unknown cancer at the age of 44 y.o. in 1923 when Melchor was just 2 y.o.!   Melchor, the youngest surviving child of Gaudioso, died of Lymphoma Cancer at the age of 84 in La Habra city, Orange County, California on Feb. 5, 2005.   -Marvin Pierre Garcia, youngest son of Melchor)